My Date Tree April 2017

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On May 2017 we will be planting 120 more date trees.
Since we planted the trees on October 2015 the have grown about 70cm and the are waterd with 50 liters of water per day. 

My Date Tree September 2016


October 2015

On October 6th we were finally ready to detach the offshoots from the mother trees and bring them to their new home. We carefully loaded and transported sixty offshoots at a time and planted them one by one into the ground. The entire date farm took three full days to plant. By the time we had all of the trees planted the sun was setting over the mountains and we can't describe in words the feeling we had as we looked back at what we had accomplished.


removing the offshoot from its mother tree
removing the offshoot from its mother tree

 January 2015 - September 2015

After three days of laying the water pipes for each hole, we began watering the holes in order to wash away any salts that would have naturally accumulated in the soil over the years. During this period we also made our last logistic preparations before planting in October 2015.

IMG_5725 IMG_5724


 August 2014 - December 2014

We travelled to the fields of Kibbutz Lotan in order to choose the best quality offshoots for our own field. Quality was measured in terms of ample size, healthy and plentiful roots, and green leaves which were long and straight. Satisfied with our choice we then began to dig one meter deep holes back on Paran for each of the offshoots.

IMG_5954 IMG_5760 IMG_5761 

20150814-DJI02924 20150814-DJI02923

 July 2014

Almost immediately after moving to Moshav Paran we began preparing 30 dunam  (30,000 square meters) of land that would become the home of 350 new date trees. We cleared the land of large stones, marked the borders of the field and designated a spot for each tree.   

IMG_1139IMG_1193 IMG_1192

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