Basic Funding


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A permanent sign next to your tree labeled with a name or names of your choice. Your sign can be written in either English or Hebrew (or both). The sign will remain next to your tree and will automatically be replaced in case of damage to the sign due to weather.

A tour around the farm which will include an explanation of the Arava area in general and the history of Moshav Paran in particular. In addition, you will have an opportunity to join in and experience the daily maintenance of the date farm. The tour will end at a beautiful lookout over Paran where you will receive a gift of a 1 kilo box of dates.

A 30% discount with every future purchase of dates sold at the farm. After the trees begin to bear fruit you will have the opportunity to buy dates from the farm to take home to family and friends.

Semi-annual updates on the progress of your tree  which will include pictures of your trees progress sent to your email address.


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